Speedy VSCC Members Head to Curborough

Thursday 30 April 2015

The VSCC Curborough Speed Trials are taking place this Sunday 3 May and you'll have the chance to see several Hill Climb competitors in action.

The twisting 900-yard Staffordshire course will provide plenty of challenges for the club’s drivers taking part in the sprint, while a strong crowd of spectators are expected to watch the action from the side of the track with their traditional picnics.

A number of the cars and drivers who will be competing at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb in July will be appearing at Curborough this weekend, including the recently completed 1909 Lorraine De Dietrich, restored and driven by Richard Scaldwell, on its maiden run ahead of its debut at the Chateau.

For more information about the event, visit the VSCC website.

Photos courtesy of Mark Ballard and Sue Ballard

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