Course Map

The Chateau Impney Hill Climb course is a demanding challenge, and promises to provide an incredible display of first-class motorsport.

The MSA-approved course is double the length of the original track at a distance of 1,000 yards and has proven itself as one of the most challenging courses in the country. As Edward Williams, winner of Class 1 at the 2015 event, said after completing his final run of the weekend, "The course is quite technical, with lots of very tight bits, like the roundabout and the chicane after it. It was difficult, but in a good way. The corner in front of the hotel was quite deceiving. When I walked it on Friday, it looked easy, but trust me it wasn’t!”  

To win the fastest time of the day, competitors will have to navigate those challenging twists and turns at high speed before eventually finishing their climb at the finish line. 

  • TVR Grantura, Chateau Impney Hill Climb, Droitwich



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