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Amongst all the coffee and chrome of the event one photographer stood out, as he was significant shorter than others (being only six years old).

On an unlikely sunny Sunday in January, Chateau Impney hosted the first of the Footman James car meets “Coffee and Chrome”. The event was jam packed with awesome cars, great bacon sandwiches, delicious freshly ground coffee and of course a collection of fabulous moustaches and exquisite beards one would expect from a classic meet.

Amongst all the coffee and chrome of the event one photographer stood out, as he was significantly shorter than others (being only six years old). Upon meeting Oliver and seeing his work, it was apparent that we had stumbled upon a contender to be one of the next generation's great classic car photographers.

We were so impressed that we invited Oli, his mentor Stuart (@captureyourcarphotography) and another of our Instagram favourites Darren (@darrenrecordphotography) to join us for a shoot of the Spollon Collection. The images in this blog are a selection of Oli’s work form this shoot and some of him in action.

See more of the shoot on our Facebook page HERE

The Interview

Name: Oliver
Age: 6
Instgram: @throughtheeyeofoli
Camera: Nikon D90

When and where did you start taking photographs?

I only started Sept 2018, I was at the Prescott Speed Hill Climb at a round of the British & Midland Hill climb championship, but I have taken thousands of photos since then.

What inspired you to start taking photographs?

My dad, mum and I attend a lot of car events and through these we become friends with Stuart. Dad always encouraged me to be useful, helping racing drivers prepare their cars ready for racing. Stuart took some great photos of me helping and seeing them made me want to have a go myself. I told dad I needed his camera and it has been mine ever since.

Why do you take pictures of cars?

Dads love of cars meant that I have been about them a lot. Dad likes to take pictures and I do too, because they look cool.  Dad and I don’t always agree with dad on which ones are the cool ones though………… also, I'm a petrol head!

What is the best car that you have ever taken pictures of?

Before I started using a the Nikon D90, I came to the Chateau Impney Hill Climb in 2018 and took some shots of the Ferrari Enzo on dad's phone. I like Ferrari’s and this one is just the best.

What do you look for to take a great shot?

My mentor Stuart has really tried to help me take unique pictures and has shown me how cool a picture can with hidden pictures within it. So, I would say reflections are what I look for.

What events are you going to be attending this year?

Chateau Impney Hill Climb, British Hill Climb Championship around the Country, Midland Hill Climb Championship around the country, Coffee & Chrome events, Supercarfest at Shelsley, May be some BTCC rounds, dad might know some that I have missed, sorry.

What make your perfect photoshoot?

For me there are two types of cars I love to shoot, shinny and fast cars from any period, or dirty rally cars. I like my mum, dad and Stuart around too…….and ice cream!

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?

I also love F1 and would love to meet Kimi Raikkonen, as he drives fast and Lewis Hamilton because he's British and he wins a lot.  I would also like to meet the Avengers, especially Thor he is my favourite.

What would you like to be when you are grown up?

I would like to be both a racing car driver & photographer. I would love to race on a Saturday and take photos on Sundays.

What would you tell another young person who wants to start taking photos?

Be good, practice, don’t try to be to clever, take lots of pictures, learn what you like and look for reflections.

Oli will be coming back to Chateau Impney with his family, Stuart and Darren in a few weeks and we will be shooting moving vehicles (which is new for Oli) as well as getting shots for our two 2019 Hill Climb celebrations, Mini’s 60th Birthday and Bentleys Centenary. He is also having his first taste at being official press as an accredited photographer at the Hill Climb, so if you are asked to be in his pictures be sure to agree.

Find more pictures from this shoot on our Facebook page HERE

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