Fairley Mercury Single-Seater Special Returns to Chateau

Saturday 9 July 2016

Jim Payne is hoping the rain will ease off before he takes to the track in the Fairley-Mercury Single-Seater Special. The car was built in 1953 and has been used for competition continuously since then.

Jim said: “It’s had its accidents, but it’s always been faithfully restored to its original specification.”

Jim drove the car at Chateau Impney in 1961. His one practise run went well, but then his colleague crashed the car into a tree on the second run and that was the end of his Chateau Impney career until 2015. Jim bought the car in 1960 for just £55 and, although he no longer owns the car, Jim he is happy to be driving it at the Chateau again.

The car was previously owned by Raymond Baxter, who was the voice of motorsport.



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