Gidden Felt He Still Has More to Give in Class 15

Wednesday 20 July 2016

David Gidden had a shaky start, but still claimed the top slot in Class 15. Nevertheless, he thinks he can do better next time.

David knocked over a second off his class winning time from 2015, finishing in 42.14 in the Pre-1968 Sports and Sports Racing Cars Class.

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“Last year was wet on both practice runs, so I didn’t really get a feel for how fast I could go. I was feeling more confident in the dry this year. The car likes the course and it’s just a case of knowing when you can push a bit harder!”

On his second timed run, he beat last year’s course record in his Lotus 23B and is confident he can get his time under the 41-second mark next year.

David’s main rivals in the class were Craig and Adam Jones, who finished in second and third place respectively in the Elva MK7S and Chevron B8. He’s raced against them both on a number of occasions in the past and it’s always been close.

Although winning the class was a great achievement, David was particularly pleased to record a faster time in his two-seater sports racing car than some of the single-seater racing cars that, if given the opportunity, can often dominate the top of the table.

  • David Gidden, Lotus 23B, Chateau Impney Hill Climb, Droitwich



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