Fearsome Napier-Bentley Puts on a Show at 2015 Hill Climb

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Chris Williams? flame-producing, rubber-burning Napier-Bentley is a crowd favourite at every hill climb event ? and that was certainly true at the inaugural Chateau Impney Hill Climb.

The one-off Napier-Bentley was built in 1968 by David Llewellyn, initially on a Sunbeam chassis. But following a serious accident, the car had to be rebuilt, and a chassis from a 1929 8-litre Bentley was chosen as the new framework. The addition of the 24-litre Napier engine, a powerful combination of an aircraft engine with a marine crankshaft, meant the new incarnation was capable of generating an incredible 550bhp.

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Click on the video below to see the Napier-Bentley in action – with plenty of tyre smoke as it roars up the hill!



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