World Record attempt at Chateau Impney Hill Climb

Thursday 22 February 2018

We are excited to announce a World Record Attempt will take place at
the 2018 Chateau Impney Hill Climb

We are excited and proud to announce that Alastair Moffatt, a world record holding stuntman, will be wowing the crowds with his incredible precise driving.

He will be attempting the fastest time to complete five figures of eight around two parked cars. Both Abarth UK and Stunt Drive UK will be supporting this attempt.

Alastair currently holds 11 Guinness World Records, including the tightest parallel park, with the space only 7.5cm longer than the car itself. We were delighted for both Alastair and Abarth UK to join us for our recent Press Launch event. You can read more about the day here. During the event, Alastair treated us to a glimpse of the attempt he will be making this summer. 

Check out more stunts by Alastair here

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The Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2018 will be held on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 July, buy your tickets here.

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